Private Sessions

Spiritual Counselling Sessions

With Natalia O’Sullivan

This is a psychological-based therapy with a touch of psychic inspiration to assist you to find solutions to general life dilemmas. Natalia combines modern psychological thinking and life coaching skills with ancient wisdom.
She has studied
psychology and mastered various holistic arts, drawing on ancient spiritual traditions, while using a contemporary approach.

Natalia’s popular spiritual counselling sessions incorporate clairvoyance with mediumship in connecting with ancestral guardians and spiritual guidance using the oracle cards to help you to find solutions to day-to-day problems and how to deal with your life, relationships and family issues; they also aid spiritual awareness and healing. When necessary, her sessions combine the clairvoyant and psychological approach with her work as an ancestral healer enabling deceased family and friends to communicate and help with professional choices, relationships, family issues, general health problems, bereavement, and psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety.

All sessions, both online and in-person, can be recorded.


Online Sessions

1st Time Session (1.5-hour session) – £190 (plus if relevant any international banking fees)
Following-up 1-hour Sessions – £130 (plus if relevant any international banking fees)

In Person (in London or Somerset):

1st Time Session (2-hour session with healing) – £250
Follow up 1-hour Sessions – £130


With Terry O’Sullivan


For over 40 years Terry O’Sullivan has been sought after for his pioneering work as a Soul Rescuer. He has widely travelled Britain, Europe, USA and South Africa and established satellite teams of Soul Rescuers in the UK, Australia and Africa.

His work draws on ancient traditions and wisdom, ranging from Celtic Shamanism and Native African and Indigenous rituals to the meditative disciplines of Tibetan Buddhism and Eastern mysticism.  He is an initiated Sangoma (shaman) in African Healing Traditions. The elders of the Sangoma tradition, have recognised him as one whom their ancestors have initiated into the tradition. His initiated Zulu name, Jabulamanzi, means ‘opener of doors’.

He also has a healing practice in London and works with clients and their families to help heal ancestral and family influences. Terry teaches how to connect with spiritual influences and harmonise them with the home and work environment, establishing a new sense of balance.

He is the co author of Soul Rescuers (the 21st Century Guide to the Spirit World) published in 1999 by Harper Collins and Ancestral Healing Made Easy with Hay House published in 2021.

With his wife Natalia, he is the co- founder of the Sacred Healer Retreats and The Soul Rescuers Foundation Course.  This is a professional certification training programme, which draws on ancient spiritual traditions while using a contemporary approach. Trained Soul Rescue practitioners specialise in sacred and ancestral healing, spirit release and land healing.

What we offer

  • Space clearing and protection.
  • Investigation of offices and business premises, particularly if there have been negative behaviour patterns from staff during everyday procedures and staff disputes.
  • Introduction to Soul Rescue work.
  • Land healing and Soul Rescue from historical sites and sacred places and properties.
  • Ancestral healing for individuals, families and homes.

House Healing Consultancy Fees

Hourly Rate – £150
Half-Day – £500
Full Day – £900


Private Healing Sessions Fees

1 Hour – £150
1.5 Hours – £190


The Remote Viewing Service, which includes a report and advisory statements – £500

1 Hour – £150
1.5 Hours – £190


Psychic Surveys, with Report – £300


Skype Sessions

1 Hour – £150