Soul Rescuers: Our Story

Natalia O’Sullivan

Throughout my career as a healer and spiritual therapist I learnt that we all suffer from ancestral dysfunctions or wounds that deserve to be healed. By addressing our ancestral past, we learn to transform the legacy of our ancestors. During my work as a mediator for the deceased, I have been profoundly moved by the transformations I have witnessed. The reconciliation, healing and reconnection between my clients and their ancestors, the establishment of an ongoing legacy that can be handed down to both current and future generations.

Regarding my own story, my parents changed our family’s legacy by moving to Britain. My mother was born in Spain and was a young child during the Spanish Civil War when her father was executed for being against the Franco regime. My grandmother was left bereft and grieving for most of her life. During the 1960’s and 70’s, many families left Spain for economic rather than political reasons and many came to Britain. My mother followed her sister Teresa and came to the UK during the early 1960’s where she met my father.

My father was born in Hungary and left his home country aged 18 during the 1956’s uprising and travelled across Europe to Britain, living as a refugee with many other Hungarian immigrants who escaped at that time. Hungary as a nation suffered a great deal, during the Second World War they allied with Germany and after the war they were occupied by the Russians and became a communist state. Many landowners and farmers just like my own family were persecuted and their lands were confiscated. This changed everything for my father’s side of the family.

Terry O’Sullivan

As a small boy I remember seeing both ‘people’ and ‘things’ that other people couldn’t see. My bedroom was shared with mum and dad. It was just after the Second World War, and we were living with my grandparents. My secret world continued to be illuminated by visions and dreams, the only person I could turn to was, my Grandma Cooke, my maternal grandmother. She was a teller of fortunes whose mother was a pure blood Romany gypsy. I had been born into a heritage and I had an ancestral legacy which would instinctively guide me. The years that followed enabled me to fully accept my world as a reality as I explored the virtues, and traditions of the unseen world.

I decided to explore Spiritualism first; this teaching helped to hone my skills to see the dead more clearly and learn how to rescue earthbound spirits. This was followed by an opportunity to embrace Native American traditions. I learnt how we are so strongly connected to the land, the Earth is our ancestral legacy, we are born, live, die, and return to our origins. This gave me the width and depth of knowledge and experience that I introduced into my practices as a soul rescuer.


Following these teachings, I discovered Tibetan Buddhism, how important it is to recognise humanity and the impermanence of all things. It was only when I was alone in the Kalahari Desert that I realised I had been on a journey of an awakening of my spiritual gifts. The realisations of Native American beliefs taught me the place of death and the walk of life are inseparable, and the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism awakened in me a trust that I could believe in both life and death and that I will continue to have a purpose.


In Africa, I was initiated into the ancient traditions of tribal Africa as a Sangoma. The principles of their tradition are on ancestral communications. The ancestors were consulted to give me a name which suited my gifts, my life. The name I was given was Jabulamanzi, meaning ‘an opener of doors’ which made me realise that we must keep the door open to the ancestors to reach out and touch us,in return we realise that we are all strongly connected like a string of prayer beads.


Becoming an Ancestral Healer


Throughout my life my relationship with my family has always been an emotional one but it has always been guided and supported by my spiritual relationship with my ancestors. Since childhood they have come to me in dreams, with spoken and unspoken thoughts and premonitions that come before a child is conceived or members of the family require help or guidance.

My gift came from being born from a family who were gifted in the skills of ancestral communication and healing, and I am the one chosen from my generation to inherit this skill. Each generation from a family of gifted psychics or healers will have a chosen child that inherits this gift, but this comes with its own burdens.

As a child, I knew I was super sensitive on every level, I could see, hear, sense and touch so much information that was going on that was unspoken and unseen by others. I was overwhelmed by everything around me. Not only could I sense and experience premonitions, but I could also hear and feel what people were thinking and feeling without them saying anything and if someone held my hand or held me, I could sense their energy and read their thoughts. Often, it could make me unhappy or unwell.

I could feel the grief and loss my grandparents had experienced, it was particularly profound when they came to visit, or when we went to visit them. I could feel the pull of the family stories, unspoken depths of despair and grief.

When I stayed in their homes, the ancestors would come to me at night, and I felt invaded by their thoughts, feelings, and unresolved issues. Besides reading people, I could feel if someone were ill, even if the illness had not manifested yet, I could tell if someone was going to die or were close to death. This overwhelming grief would come over me and I would want to cry deep long tears, I could feel them telling me that they knew they were not here for much longer. Houses and places could make me feel fearful, I could sense the family’s dead relatives. I now know that they were only trying to communicate with me. Many ancestors move on, but some remain around their family for their own reasons, and many come to help their living descendants.

By the time I was a teenager I decided that this had to stop and recognised there must be a way to resolve the fears and anxieties. I knew they were not mine and that I was being ‘overshadowed.’ I undertook my training in Richmond, with Gilly Griffiths, a spiritual medium and healer. It was there that I eventually met my husband Terry when he was running workshops for her students on spirit rescue. The more I addressed my own ancestors and the ancestors of others the anxieties and fears began to wane.

I soon discovered my passion for ancestral healing, which would become my profession. Through my own story, I understand how to heal inter-generational trauma, and as descendants of a family who suffered through war, genocide, and famine, we manifest mental and physical problems through ancestral inheritance.

My passion in this field continues to grow ever stronger as I work with others to address their own stories and heal their personal ancestral inheritance, enabling them and their loved ones both past, present, and future to live fuller, healthier, and happier lives.

In 1989 we married at the Richmond registry office. In August 1991 Sequoia Gaia O’Sullivan was born in London, followed by a move to our first home in Argyll, Scotland on Loch Fyne from London. Shortly afterwards Ossian Robert O’Sullivan was born at home. We set up our first retreats from our home in Argyll in 1992. A move to Somerset in 1995 and the birth of Bede Raphael O’Sullivan at home in 1999.

Then on to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington State, South Africa, Greece, Ireland, Canary isles and Spain including retreats and workshops in Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, and Menorca.

The rest is history…