Terry O'Sullivan

For over 40 years Terry O’Sullivan has been widely sought after for his pioneering work as a Soul Rescuer and Shaman. He uses ancient techniques with tried and tested contemporary methods of healing, dowsing and energy balancing to clear powerful negative energies and hauntings.

About Terry O’Sullivan and Soul Rescuers

With Terry O’Sullivan

For over 40 years Terry has been widely sought after for his pioneering work in healing land, houses, and properties throughout the world. He uses ancient techniques with tried and tested contemporary methods of healing, dowsing and energy balancing to clear powerful negative energies and hauntings. Although Terry’s work is generally clearing and healing properties, he has a large healing practice in London and is often invited to work with clients and their families to help heal ancestral and family influences that are causing physical, emotional, and psychological problems. To liberate them from the ties of family trauma, hauntings, and difficult family relationships.



Both in-person and online appointments are available

House Healing Consultancy

With Terry O’Sullivan


Terry has remedied issues with properties and land for over
30 years, discovering the reasons why an issue exists that
affects the wellbeing or safety of the home or place of


An inquiry may simply arise because there are issues with
children being unable to sleep, or complaining of a presence
in their room, to extreme examples of a haunting, such as
physical disturbances.


Our team of practitioners, led by Terry O’Sullivan, offer a
bespoke tailored service for house and land healing.


  • Space clearing and protection.
  • Investigation of offices and business premises,
    particularly if there have been negative behaviour
    patterns from staff on everyday procedures and staff
  • Introduction to soul rescue work
  • Land healing and soul rescue from sites, historical and
    sacred places and properties.
  • Including ancestral healing for individuals, families and homes.


Hampton Court Palace
with Terry O’Sullivan

Written by Phillip Jones


It was a very gloomy overcast day, this contributed greatly
to the rather heavy forbidding atmosphere that covered the
whole day. After meeting up in the Tiltyard Café, Terry told
us after a little while he felt the presence of the Elemental
who was in charge of the land surrounding Hampton
Court, he had hold of Cardinal Wolsey by the scruff of the

Terry was told: the keyword in our work today would be
Justice”. The last ten minutes in the café I had been feeling
out of breath and a bit sick. Leaving the café I still felt unable
to breathe properly. I asked David for some help (knowing
he had a particular resonance with elementals and how to
deal with them). In a quiet spot outside the café he released
a huge elemental that had been on my chest and another
smaller one around my shoulders and back. This was a great
release for me as I’d been really unable to breathe properly
for a few minutes.

We are Soul Rescuers

As a small boy I remember seeing both ‘people’ and ‘things’ that other people couldn’t see. My bedroom was shared with mum and dad. It was just after the Second World War, and we were living with my grandparents. My secret world continued to be illuminated by visions and dreams, the only person I could turn to was my Grandma Cooke, my maternal grandmother. She was a teller of fortunes whose mother was a pure blood Romany gypsy. I had been born into a heritage and I had an ancestral legacy which would instinctively guide me. The years that followed enabled me to fully accept my world as a reality as I explored the virtues, and traditions of the unseen world.

I decided to explore Spiritualism first; this teaching helped to hone my skills to see the dead more clearly and learn how to rescue earthbound spirits. This was followed by an opportunity to embrace Native American traditions. I learnt how we are so strongly connected to the land, the Earth is our ancestral legacy, we are born, live, die, and return to our origins. This gave me the width and depth of knowledge and experience that I introduced into my practices as a soul rescuer.


Julia Daniels

Summary: From the very brightest to the very darkest forces, Terry works in the whole range of the unseen influences on our lives. To my knowledge, he has never failed to bring about uplifting change.

As client then student: I have know Terry for nearly twenty years. I have been his client, then a very curious student, and more recently worked alongside him. He first came and cleared my new home when I just couldn’t settle in it, despite it being suitable in every way.After he’d finished his work, the air felt cleaner and the house lighter in a way that was hard to explain, but very tangible. And I was able to settle. I was so curious about what he had done that I signed up to take his classes, even though I had young children and a busy schedule. Since then I have seen him work in many spheres and always with palpable positive results. From ancient sites here and abroad, to high rose blocks in the City of London, he has lifted dull and and oppressive atmospheres, and more, brought about by so many different causes, to bring light and clarity going forward. And he has taught his students how to work in the same way. Now I understand his work in some depth, I am full of respect and admiration . I have witnessed extraordinary processes at work, and seen remarkable change. In his sphere, and he encompasses many, he must be primus inter pares, and I cannot recommend him too highly.

More specifically: For those with some knowledge, Terry’s work goes far beyond the release of ghosts haunting a house. From the energies flowing through the elements and nature, down into the depths of the underworld and up into the cosmos, he works with beings from the beginning of our world and with those who might, in due time, oversee its future. There can be few people in this world with his level of experience and expertise, and his capacity to assess the disturbed psychic elements of a building and its situation. There can be fewer who can work with the necessary forces to redeem these aspects. He has trained a team of students to work with on big projects, of whom I am one, and we are still in awe of his capacities. There are many people active in the field of the energies surrounding us in our lives. Terry has worked around the world, and unlike some, has the capacity to work with whatever and whomever is necessary in any location. I have seen first hand the consequences of bringing in an inappropriate ‘expert’, and watched Terry unravel the chaos that had ensued. Down to earth, and pragmatic, his work brings about real, positive and uplifting change.

Julia Daniels 

Derick Brian Chester

‘About 18 months ago, I was encouraged by a friend, to participate in the Mindful Monday Meditations, that Terry and Natalia, his wife did.

Terry has this amazing amount of wisdom, that many would travel to India, to find the latest Sadhguru, to learn from and here he was in my own country and why hadn’t I heard of him earlier in my life?

About 6 months later, I met Terry at a Summer solstice retreat on the island of Anglesey, in North Wales, which he and his wife were running and that is when the magic began to happen. He continued with a couple of meditations a day, which were full of wisdom and food for thought. Terry could read me like a book and knew what exactly I needed on a physical and spiritual level.

Since that day I have been on other retreats and continue with the Monday meditations. The help I have received has been priceless not only on a spiritual level but a personal one too.

Everyone should have a Terry in their community, I’m fortunate enough to have one in my own country and will travel many miles to be on one of his retreats.

I cannot thank him enough.’

Vos Kels - Occupational Health Specialist Practitioner, Tonbridge, Kent

I am so grateful to have met Terry on my journey as not only is he a wonderful, down to earth human, he is also an incredible teacher and unbelievable knowledgeable about the universe and everything it entails.  


I have learned and continue to learn so much about land and house clearing. The work itself, and how Terry works, is quite special. It is beautiful to witness how he communicates with all these amazing diverse spirit beings to ensure we get the job done to the benefit of the house or land but ultimately to the planet.


Not only that, but Terry’s psychic ability allows him to see and understand our own personal soul journeys incredibly well and with his compassionate nature he is always keen to get us all on the right track. He will always inspire and push you to your full potential. In addition to this Terry’s guided meditations are also wonderful to experience and are on a completely different level which profoundly touch your core.


I love coming to class and work with this great man.

Caiti Stark - Acupuncturist and Health Specialist, Wiltshire

‘I first met Terry on a Samhain Soul Rescuer retreat. I had been working for a long time on the anxiety I held and whilst I managed it, I continued to undermine myself in a detrimental way. The healing that happened on that retreat was life changing. Some deep doubts I had about myself and my abilities to manage life disappeared in the weeks after the retreat. A lot of ground was covered that weekend. I do feel that a healing I had with Terry’s group was fundamental. An ancestor who had been drowned as a witch was removed and with that something shifted in me and was able to start living my life more fully. I return to the retreats on a regular basis to connect to myself, the sacred and access the wisdom that Terry and Natalia offer with love, truth, and humour’

‘When my youngest daughter was 7, she started talking about a little man that sat at the end of her bed every night. This continued over a series of months, bedtimes became difficult as she had become frightened and didn’t want to see him.

Eventually I took her to see Terry and he removed the spirit person whom Terry said was not malicious just lost and had probably been a previous resident who had lived in the house. The session was very gentle, and Terry made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease during the healing. She enjoyed it and being able to talk about what she saw.  Bedtimes returned to normal as she never saw the man again’

Desislava Kadra - London

“I’ve had the honour to attend a number of different house and land clearings with Terry over the last few years.   They ranged from deceased souls who were stuck in houses they did not want to leave and were disturbing the owners, to more serious cases of entity attachments to lands that had a traumatic past. One time, it was in a location that I resided in for 3 years, and throughout the whole time there felt incredibly heavy and depressing energy. At the time I thought it was just coming from me, until I came across Terry’s work and realised that there was so much more going on. 

Terry came in to do a clearing and communicated with the souls of the deceased, revealing what had happened and why they could not move on.  This all coincided with some events that had taken place in this specific location, where many people had been feeling depressed while living there.  The difference from before and after the clearing was incredible.  It was as if a cloud had lifted from the entire area, and everything became alive again.  Knowing what I know now, I would never move into in a property, without having it checked by someone Terry.  He is one of the best in the field and his knowledge and skills are evident from the results. I’m very grateful for his work”

Elizabeth Waldron
Forest of Dean, England.



Terry has cleared three houses I have moved to – which is a clue as to how long I have known him.

I have recommended him to many people; all of whom have been so grateful for the difference it has made to their lives; including my mother. These differences are never subtle – they are always profound.

Four years ago, we bought an old Vicarage and that has been the most challenging house of all. I was determined to help the past occupants move on and Terry and his team have transformed the whole house and atmosphere.

We have moved from pictures falling off the walls, doors rattling and orbs of light at the windows to calm, peace and joy. Guests sleep through the night!

I now study house clearing with Terry along with the Soul Rescue classes and retreats with Natalia and Terry, which I have done for many years. Thank you, both of you.

After working as a Creative Director in advertising for thirty years, Liz now writes children’s novels and studies Soul Rescue and House Clearing. She lives with her husband Max between the Forest of Dean and Cornwall. They have a daughter, Marina.

Sera Golding-Young



Sera Golding-Young is a music artiste, a medium and a spiritual coach. Having been sensitive to energy from a young age, Sera began training in empath, mediumship and psychic studies in 2008, working with renowned teachers such as Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan, Dr Jean Houston, and Claire Zammit. Practices as a Soul Rescuer and she assists on many of Terry and Natalia’s Sacred Healer Retreats.

Now having developed her own spiritual transformational coaching, Sera offers powerful one-to-one sessions with clients wanting to make deep energetic shifts and continues her music career by writing and recording music in her band Unsung Lilly.

Virtual Screening

Virtual Screening of The Soul Rescuers
“work in progress” –

A FREE virtual event to celebrate and honour
‘Day of the Dead’

Nov 1st 2022 at 2pm ET/ 7pm BST.

Hello beautiful beings,

We are excited to announce that we will be holding a FREE Virtual Screening of the “work in progress” of our documentary The Soul Rescuers, in celebration and honour of the Day of the Dead on 1st of Nov at 7pm BST/ 2pm ET.


On this incredible online event I will be joined by the cast of the film, Hay House authors of Ancestral Healing Made Easy, Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan, where we will screen a short clip for our audience, discussing topics on life after death, healing our ancestors and dealing with our sensitivity.  This will be an interactive evening that will also feature a Q&A session and a guided meditation to honour the Day of the Dead.

Register Here


Be the first to see part of the feature documentary
Partake in the Q&A with the film director and cast
Learn about the importance of celebrating the Day of the Dead
Take part in a guided meditation led by Terry and Natalia
Ask any questions relating to life after death, ancestral healing and sensitive people
Receive a recording of the whole event.



Bring candles and photos of your ancestors and loved ones
Create an altar – you can bring flowers, sweets, gifts etc
Write down any messages to your loved ones on the other side
Write any questions you wish to ask about the film, or topics listed.



A groundbreaking documentary that explores the world of sensitive empaths who can tap into the spiritual dimensions and communicate with souls of the dead. Tackling the most prevailing question of all time – “what happens when we die?”, The Soul Rescuers lifts the lid on the truth behind the myths, to reveal a world that we never thought was possible.


Based on the book Soul Rescuers by Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan, renown UK healers sought out for their work in soul and ancestral healing, this documentary takes us through their personal journeys and revelations of over 40 years of communicating and healing the souls of the dead.


The Soul Rescuers aims is to shed a new light on this topic and to encourage young sensitive empaths to pursue their gifts and abilities as healers in the world.  The film will not only enrich our lives in understanding consciousness, but fill in the missing piece to the puzzle of what our purpose is and why we are here.



Director – Desislava Kadra is a documentary filmmaker who combines films with spirituality as a way to integrate higher wisdom into a modern day society. Her first short documentary ‘Fighting for the Wild’ based in Peru, won 2 awards for best educational documentary and has screened at a number of international film festivals. Having studied with Natalia and Terry for a number of years and witnessed the healing power of the soul rescue work, her goal is to educate people on life after death and to encourage young sensitives to understand their uniqueness and pursue their gifts in the world.


Cast – The Soul Rescuers is based on the work of Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan, Hay House authors, who are are sought after for they work in soul and ancestral healing. For over 40 years, Terry’s pioneering work as a soul rescuer and a healer has taken him to places all over the world, helping the living and dying, as well as working with the land and spirit world of each place. In the film, he shares some of his most personal experiences that shaped his path to where he is now. Natalia has practiced as a healer, psychic and counsellor for over 25 years, specialising in ancestral healing and in the film she shares some of her experiences of what it was like to grow up as bridge between the dead and the living.

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