We are Soul Rescuers

As a small boy I remember seeing both ‘people’ and ‘things’ that other people couldn’t see. My bedroom was shared with mum and dad. It was just after the Second World War, and we were living with my grandparents. My secret world continued to be illuminated by visions and dreams, the only person I could turn to was my Grandma Cooke, my maternal grandmother. She was a teller of fortunes whose mother was a pure blood Romany gypsy. I had been born into a heritage and I had an ancestral legacy which would instinctively guide me. The years that followed enabled me to fully accept my world as a reality as I explored the virtues, and traditions of the unseen world.

I decided to explore Spiritualism first; this teaching helped to hone my skills to see the dead more clearly and learn how to rescue earthbound spirits. This was followed by an opportunity to embrace Native American traditions. I learnt how we are so strongly connected to the land, the Earth is our ancestral legacy, we are born, live, die, and return to our origins. This gave me the width and depth of knowledge and experience that I introduced into my practices as a soul rescuer.

Terry O’Sullivan

Soul Rescuer , Shaman and Healer


For over 40 years, Terry has been widely sort after for his pioneering work in healing land, houses and properties throughout the world. He uses ancient techniques with tried and tested contemporary methods of healing, dowsing and energy balancing to clear powerful negative energies and hauntings.

Although Terry’s work is generally clearing and healing properties, he has a large healing practice in London and is often invited to work with clients and families to help heal ancestral and family influences that are causing physical, emotional, and psychological problems. To liberate them from the ties of family trauma, hauntings and difficult family relationships.

Terry O’Sullivans work draws on ancient traditions and wisdom, ranging from Celtic Shamanism and Native Indian rituals, to the meditative disciplines of Tibetan Buddhism and Eatern Mysticism. Through these disciplines Terry harmonises and clears your home and work environment and brings a new sense of balance to your life.

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