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Soul Rescuers: A 21st Century Guide to the Spirit World

By Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan

• What happens to us when we die?
• What is the soul and how does it survive death?
• How does the spirit become trapped?
• Why do ghosts haunt the living?
• Can our ancestors heal or harm us?
• How can we help the wandering soul of the dead?

‘Soul Rescuers’ is a 21st guide to healing and dealing with the spirits of the dead. Guided by Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan, who have rescued trapped spirits all over the world, we meet the ancestors, spirit guides, poltergeists and ghosts who wander the unseen realms and the shamans, mystics and psychics who communicate with them. In these real life stories of luminous near-death experiences, angelic visits, spirit possession and bizarre hauntings, ‘Soul Rescuers’ brings a new vision of the spirit world that exists around us.

With advice and guidance on how to connect with our ancestors, deal with hauntings and conduct the simple rituals that can help to heal the spirits of the dead, ‘Soul Rescuers’ offers us a new understanding of a personal spiritual dimension which reaches beyond culture and religion.

‘Soul Rescuer’: Shaman, psychic, priest or mystic who heals and released trapped souls of the dead in order to guide them into the spirit realms