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Do It Yourself Psychic Power: Practical Tools and Techniques For Awakening Your Natural Gifts

By Natalia O’Sullivan

A complete guide to practical tools and techniques for exploring and developing your psychic powers and becoming aware of your own psychic space.

Psychic Power is a practical workbook that teaches you to tap into and develop the sacred energy that is all around. From using Tools, such as crystals, pendulums, candles and stones, through to creating healthy home and work space for working with your natural psychic gifts, and contacting spirits and psychic protection, Natalia O’Sullivan combines ancient wisdom with modern thinking to produce a guide to creating and maintaining your psychic understanding and energy.

Everyone has natural psychic abilities and this book is filled with simple practices and techniques to teach you to connect with yourself, your family, home and business environment, and attune to the sacred and psychic energy all around.