The up-and-coming retreats

Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan are renowned international spiritual therapists who have run Sacred Healer Retreats for the past 20 years and their success comes with an international reputation with retreats being run in the USA, South Africa, Jamaica, Spain, Greece, throughout the UK including Cornwall, Wales and Scotland.

Sacred Healing:

The art of healing naturally: subtle energy systems, the chakras, aura and electromagnetic fields. The effects on the physical body: Introducing sacred energy in nature.


The practice of intuitive healing and the diagnosis of physical, emotional and spiritual conditions.

Shamanic Rituals

Understanding the powers of nature and the elements including sacred rituals and practices.

Sacred Places and Ancient Sites:

Visit ancient sites and sacred places for healing, restoration of the spirit and experiencing the powers of the earth.

Vision Questing:

Learning how to understand symbols in nature and the gifts of communicating with sacred impressions of the earth to support your spiritual connection with nature and with your own intuition.

Past Life Restoration

Understand how to heal negative influences from past lives and transform personality to heal the self.

Dream Symbology and Interpretation with art therapy:

Personal translation of dreams to understand symbols and imagery and interpret information from our higher consciousness.